Hi! My name is Jeff Miller. Welcome to my blog!

I was raised near the small town of Nappanee, Indiana. I became a Christian at age 13 and have been learning more about Christ ever since. I grew up attending Sandy Ridge Mennonite Church, but now my wife Louisa and I attend Cornerstone Chapel in Elkhart, Indiana. My main hobbies are cooking and photography, and I have many side hobbies/interests including (but not limited to) personality typing (I’m an ENFP), co-hosting the French Press Podcast, computer programming, pyrotechnics, reading, gardening, coffee, and traveling.

At age 16, I felt God calling me to serve Him in local ministry. For me this includes street evangelism, volunteering at Cornerstone Ministries, being an active member of our church plant in Elkhart, and encouraging fellow Christians to discover and develop their personal convictions.

Thanks for reading my blog!