in·fi·nite /ˈinfənət/ – adjective
limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
“the infinite mercy of God”
synonyms: boundless, unbounded, unlimited, limitless, never-ending, interminable

Have you ever sat down and tried to consider how big God actually is? We know that He is infinite, but how big is that?

Time – God has always existed – we accept this fact by faith. By faith we also accept that God will always exist. But the problem with that thinking is that in our minds we think of God as having existed infinite years before creation; and that He will exist for infinite years afterwards. We miss the fact that we are thinking in years. The very units which we use to try to comprehend the idea of infinity are a creation of God. God is not only bigger than an infinite amount of time – God is bigger than time.

Space – We know that God is bigger than the universe, yet small enough to live in our hearts; and this puzzles us. How can God be both big and small at the same time? But the thing we forget is that God created big and small. Not only is God not limited by space – He created it! God is bigger than space.

Measurement – We know that God cannot be measured. To measure something is to compare it to something else that has a similar common characteristic such as size or weight. We also measure our thoughts and actions by comparing them to other thoughts and actions. God cannot be measured because there is nothing of the same nature to compare Him to. Sure, we can compare Him to a quality we imagine; but that is like trying to determine how much a freight train weighs by comparing it to a raisin. But, again, the thing that we forget is that God created measurement. Not only did he create the concept of measurement, but he created the laws of physics and nature that make measurement possible. God is bigger than measurement.

Infinity – We say that God is infinite, but this is possibly the biggest understatement ever! We think of God as infinite, but that assumes that there is something finite to compare infinity to. However, everything that is finite is simply another creation of God! God is bigger than infinity.


God is bigger than infinity!

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